How Apexx PR Pool is different from other press release dissemination service providers? 

Apexx PR Pool is a Global PR Pool, that has been designed to promote Organic PR with Genius and Sustainable PR Service. Press Release Dissemination Service Providers offers only paid online media coverage at Digital Media Platforms, however Apexx PR Pool deals in all modes of media Print, Digital, Magazine, News Channels, YouTube News Channels, Bloggers, Influencers.

How Apexx PR Pool different from Freelance Service Provider Platform?

At Freelance Service Provider Platforms, the challenge of selecting right Freelancer remains the same, like selecting any agency.  However, on Apexx PR Pool, the experts enrolled on our panel are dealt by the internal team.  We take away the client’s pain of Sorting the list and selecting the right candidate or agency to manage the project. The Client has to just post their requirement and relax. Rest of the process is managed by Apexx PR Pool Team. The client gets the expected result. 

How can a PR Professional, Blogger, Influencer, Journalist, You Tuber become a Solopreneur with Apexx PR Pool?

Very easy, you have to just enroll yourself at Apexx PR Pool Panel and fill in all the details. You will get the assignment as per your strength and will be paid for each one.

How Apexx PR Pool is making the Quality PR Services accessible for small to large business

Anyone looking for managing publicity for any launch, promoting an event, scheduling a press release composition and distribution, or blogger/vlogger review, Influence Marketing, Corporate Profiling, then you are at a 100% right platform. APEXX PR POOL provides One Stop Solution with 100% media promotion in your budget by Industry Experts enrolled with APEXX PR POOL across the world.

How much is the range of PR Service?

The PR Service Starts from Rs 2000 to any extent as per your requirement.

PR Service is all about Brand Promotion Strategy? How Apexx PR Pool Ensure that essential part?

PR Expert enrolled with Apexx PR Pool are available for Free & Paid Brand Promotion Strategy for clients. The client has to just post the requirement.

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